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With words that burned like fire, I rekindled our love

And the woman that he desired, I became

As the full moon watched us from above

–Two untamable souls, crushed, burning up in flames–

The words that burned like fire became colder than ice

And my heart stopped beating when I froze inside

Too weak I became to take another fight

against the coldness of my heart just to make it beat again

and in his arms I laid so he won’t know I’ve changed

but my heart wouldn’t beat again, and I couldn’t pretend

I couldn’t close my eyes and sleep in peace

and insomnia crept up my skin

lest my mask would fall off my face.

so I went to paint another portrait

just in case he looked at me and couldn’t find for my soul a trace

he’d remember how I was like and what I used to be

even though I’ve changed now

He could at least fall into a reverie

when distant my soul would be though my body is still around

Is it too selfish that I don’t want him to leave

even though in disgrace and hatred I’ve drowned?

Is it selfish that even though I don’t want him to rescue me

I want him to stand, watch me getting lost in a place where I could never be found?

Is it selfish from me now, or was it selfish  from him when he asked

me to change and make my heart beat for him as long as my breathing lasts?

It’s just not fair that even though I’ve tried, he still has the right to walk away

And if you asked him why? He would say that I’ve failed

to make my heart beat for him

to be so humane

O, how I wish for him to be the one to blame! But I know it’s not his fault.

O, how long will I long for those days to come back again?

Now that my heart has changed, now that I’m cold again, I know I won’t long for anything I’ve lost

Sorry, love, but it was your mistake to fall for a selfish heart.