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Strangers were we at the ballroom tonight, exchanging glances that didn’t last for more than few seconds then looking back to whatever seemed worth looking at.

I felt the tension rising in the void we’ve created a couple of years ago between us, I felt your warm breath on my cold shivering skin as you tried to come closer, but I walked away anyway because looking at you meant going back to where I was: where I hated to be.

I tried to take a sly look at your face when you looked away just to make sure that it was you: that it wasn’t just all in my head. However, I still couldn’t believe my eyes when your gaze held mine and I don’t know for how long did this last but it ended when I turned my back to you laughing at some stupid joke one of my friends said that I didn’t even hear which I’m sure wasn’t that funny but I stood there feeling aghast and faking the laugh anyway.

As I tried to plaster the best fake smile on my face I felt sick from the pretension. You kept staring at me with those angry eyes and somehow you managed to make me feel uncomfortable but that feeling didn’t last for long, I swear it didn’t. The moment I remembered how I felt when you were around, I started thinking how grateful I should be right now, how relieved I should feel for the the fact that I don’t have to see your face everyday, how easy life became after you were gone, and how much I felt like myself again as I dressed back into my own skin the moment I decided that it was over and we were done. I looked at your reflection in the mirror as you started preening yourself but this time I saw a different person; I wasn’t sure if it was you anymore, is it possible for someone to change this much…you looked so, I don’t know how to describe it, “average” maybe someone would say, but to me your face was so “non-memorable”: a face that would never catch my eye and I would most probably forget the second I turn away from it.

I cannot imagine how did I feel the way l felt about you back then, and I don’t know why did I have any feelings towards you in first place, but I do know one thing now (actually I’m certain) I’m glad we are strangers now.