Her throat tightened every time she tried to say his name out loud, her body shivered whenever she reminisced his touch.

People as desperate usually give up in situations like these, but she was different…she never gave up…she never even allowed her mind to have this thought for the slightest second.

Heart ache by a heart ache she felt stronger even though in the beginning she had to drag her feet every step of the way, but that was only in the beginning…now she leads the way of those who were lost and strayed.

She flew around the world, so many different places, and she walked away from so many broken hearts without looking back. Reneging on every commitment she had made, her body felt tainted, even worse; her rib-cage felt empty (like if there wasn’t a heart inside pumping blood through her veins and keeping her alive).

He made her feel alive; he gave her a reason to live for, to wait for the second day, and to think for hours about him…only him. How could he simply say that if only I weren’t…I would’ve been with you by now. What was he thinking? She knew what you were and she obviously accepted it. How dare you decide that it’d be wrong if the two of you got together? How dare you decide that after you’ve been chasing her every second to convince her that you should be together…how dare you?

But it’s too late now she’s already changed. Look into her eyes: devoid of emotions they reflect her empty soul. You mean nothing to her anymore. You never even cross her mind…she mastered playing the cold-hearted role till she lost herself…she doesn’t know how to feel again. All the emptiness and darkness you’ve filled her with are now painted on her face in the form of a beautiful smile that everyone gets dazzled with.