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Being his muse
Got me confused
He stole my words
Now I’m tongue-tied

Being his muse
He pulled me close
I stared at him…eyes open-wide
And for seconds..His gaze held mine

I got a bit closer…He looked away
His skin was burning…his hands were shaking
I came closer….wondering if I were mistaken
He said please don’t do this to me…
His eyes strayed away…as if I were a walking sin
He asked me to go behind these walls…for a couple of minutes so he’d make me feel it all
I was startled by his quest…I froze…tongue-tied I was perplexed
How dare he think he could ask me such thing…as if I were merely a walking sin
How would he dare to do such act…how dare he thought I would say yes to that
I should have walked away the minute he spit it out
I should have said “hey! I’m not that barbie you can play with in a corner and when you’re satisfied…you throw her down”

But something about his eyes says I’m not merely a sin
Something about his lies made it hard for me to hurt him
Something about his jokes makes me laugh real hard
Something about this whole thing makes me think what have I done
Something from what he said…to be honest, got under my skin…
But I know better than to believe those lies, I know exactly whats he feels and what he hides..
A crush, a fantasy filled with burning lust, eating him inside out
A dying urge killing him to have a taste of the forbidden lips of those mouth
As soon as he gets what he wants he can finally feel accomplished, or at least lose his doubts
Little does he know how poisoned he could get
Little does he know how he could become an addict

Now guilt is creeping up my skin
Insomnia is haunting me again
For me not being able to shut him out, to push him away, or to make him hate me for both of our sakes…we both know I am no good for him.