image Never knew it would be this hard

To see him in pain…would take me back to the start

To see him hurt…he said it “I’m broken”

Ached my so-called ice-cold heart

It took me by surprise

The tears that filled his eyes

Got me torn from the inside

It’s like I could see right through him

And it’s awful how I broke his heart

Come my love, the angels above can see

The pain you feel and how much it’s hurting me

Just one last kiss

One last time

Forget about the world

And close your eyes

Reminisce about the days

I laid in your arms

Put my head on your chest

Listened to the beats of your heart

Just one last kiss

One last time

I swear I’d let you go

You were never mine

But I’ll set you free

When I make you happy

So come close, love

Lest the angels above

Have had enough

My heart can no longer take

The tears in your eyes… It makes my heart ache.