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Waves of an untamable sea

brought this to the shore

Not a human eye have seen

anything like it before:

a mermaid with a long blue tail

lying with confidence on the edge of a brail

She spoke words of utter nonsense

And everyone around her looked perplexed

But she had to deliver the message;

it was the reason why she was sent

So with her frail fingers she drew on the sand

Monsters and devils taking over the land

and only one among the crowd knew what it meant

but instead of speaking up, he kept it as a secret

’cause it was his secret as well but it wasn’t just his story to tell

not to expose a thing he made some adjustments to the plan

and this time it involved killing the mermaid.

Poor mermaid, shivering from his sense of betrayal

started scribbling “KILLER” with her tail on the sand

but no one got the message she’s been trying to send

Poor mermaid, now it’s too late

He’s already shouting “This creature should be killed! The mermaid shall die before the moon fades away.”

“I heard that if the mermaid stayed till the sun rises the next day, not only her curse will alter our lives for the worse but it will transmute everything on this land as well.”

Poor mermaid, now she shall rest in peace, she’d already tried everything she can

Poor mermaid, alas the killer got away with his crime by baffling some ancient stories while holding the weapon in his hands.

Poor mermaid, but someday they will regret that he stayed, pine away that you’re gone, and up against him they’ll stand.