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There you laid, on your bed where I also hid. Yes, I’m the ghost living underneath your bed.

I’ll drag you under,

suffocate you, but you’ll fight till the last breath and when you surrender, I’ll batter you, to leave on your skin scars and bruises that you can never forget.

Forgive my temper!

I just can’t refrain myself from cutting those old scars that once bled your contaminated, bitter, tainted  blood.

Did you know who I am now? Try to remember!

I’m the girl you once met at a train station and you didn’t hesitate to use her body as a shield to protect you from the bullets they shot.

They aimed their guns at you before they pulled the trigger, but you were too lucky (or at least that’s what you thought)

Though you didn’t even know my name

And my only mistake was standing at the perfect spot

You treated me as if I was property and you didn’t care

About my life to be taken away by bullets your heart should have got

And before your eyes met mine, your hands were on my shoulder placing me in front

of your precious body. Yes, right there I stood.

Now, can you render

the life that I once had and you stole without having a second thought?

I don’t think so! You’re not God.

In their eyes you were a murderer, but they didn’t know

The murderer was haunted by a ghost.